Come on in…

chatting over a coffeeWelcome to the Bringing Community Back community!

We are creatures of community. Our species has survived over the years by learning how to love and care for each other. Connection is an essential human need.

Bringing Community Back was founded on the knowledge that chronic illnesses are rising at exponential levels in the western world. Many people are suffering from toxic stress in their lives. For example, Alzheimer’s disease in women has risen by 663% in the past 20 years. This is shocking and terrifying. Millions of pounds are being pumped into research on how to create drugs to treat these diseases. However very little is being done to find out why the prevalence of these diseases is rising so rapidly and what we can do to prevent this.

Bringing Community Back is looking for solutions to tackle these issues in society, such as chronic ill health, violence, crime, addiction and family dysfunction.

We believe it starts with communities.